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E-Newsletter Services

E-Logic Customer retention is critical for the longterm success of your business. But how do you juggle that ball along with all the others you're having to juggle?
That's where we come in. We manage yourclient database by sending them a monthly deal from you. Not only does it remind them you're still there and keeping in touch, but it also helps you drive sales. Check out these stats..

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How it Works

A little bit of input from you initially and then 1 deal a month is all thats required from you to keep in touch with your customers every month & get those new, additional sales rolling in. 
We do the rest by sending your great looking,  legally compliant deals to your client base through our mailing system. We'll even remind you to send your new deal for the month, because we know how busy you are!

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Why Send Newsletters?

From accounting services to zumba classes and every other product or service in between, if you have an existing client base you should be keeping in touch with them monthly through some form of communication.
With Deal Manager, as a business owner you'll benefit from improved customer retention levels & additional sales and your customers benefit from your great offers!

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Why E-Logic?

  • Consistent Communication
By sending out a consistent monthly newsletter, you will be touching base with your clients EVERY month and keeping them informed of new products, services & projects. This assists with your customer retention as well as driving new sales.
  • Driving Sales 
Sending a monthly deal to your clients WILL result in driving additional sales to them as well as other members of our database. 
  • Best Value & Eco Friendly

What other marketing system gives you this amount of value with such a small monthly spend AND full reporting on how many people have been sent and looked at your newsletter?


How much does it cost?

Prices start at:

  • R395pm for mailshot sending.
  • R795 for mailshot development in email format with embedded images suitable for all mail programme types
  • R1190 for creation and sending of your mailshot

We do not SPAM. You will need to verify that you either:

  • Have a pre-existing relationship with the people you are sending to (i.e. they are currently or have in the past been your clients), or
  • Have the permission of the people you are sending to (i.e. they have opted in to receive mail from you)